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Finding an off the grid solar installer can be difficult, especially when our project was a remote Florida location with access via 15 miles of dirt logging roads! Having previously relied upon Dave Curtin and his team for installation of our Generac home standby generator, we decided to discuss our dilemna and plans: we needed site prep and wiring/hookup of components we'd purchased with advice from a solar consultant; installation of six solar PV panels on a double pole ground mounting system, an Outback Inverter, a bank of 16 AGM lead acid batteries/cables, and a 20Kw Kohler propane powered generator as backup for grey days, all to support the 5 Kw daily power needs of our small recreational cabin. The cabin is situated in a hunting preserve on a family compound with other dwellings. Since our small 12 x34 cabin has all the comforts of home, A/C, an AC refrigerator, microwave, washer w/propane dryer, propane stove, we planned to jucidiously manage our electrical load and minimize use of the generator. On cloudy grey days, I might opt for using the French Press for coffee making and grilling pancakes on stove, whereas sunny days are optimum for outdoors Sun Oven baking, and for clothes washing, waffles and making ice cream! With a positive "can-do" attitude, Dave first met with us on site to tour the location and began to familiarize himself with the scope of the work. He was never dissuaded by the distance, and we offered him room and board in the compound to minimize his commute. Dave, a true professional and quick study, emershed himself in the project and to his credit, the system is fully operational. He pulled together a team who made the project successful as planned, but even better than first envisioned! Dave Curtin excels in trouble shooting and as a certified electrician, building inspector and general contractor, he is multiskilled, proficient and fully capable with a broad range of expertise. Even while working, he'd observe items that might need attention and repair them, such as a leaky PVC pipe leading to the water pressure tank and filtration systems. Dave is the consumate professional, geared to a quality outcome. We'd highly recommend Dave for his solar installation accumen now added to his other credentials. I have lilttle doubt his work would be just as sound and solid for grid-tied solar systems as what we experienced with our off the grid solar installation project, and would not hesitate to recommend him for generator installation and servicing or major or minor home repairs. B Morris from Apollo Beach, FL

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